R.J. Bentley's was founded in 1978 by a group of Maryland graduates. Over 30 years later, R.J. Bentley's is a well-known landmark in College Park, richly steeped in Maryland tradition with a unique decor. Bentley's is located conveniently near the University of Maryland's south gate at the intersection of Knox Rd. and U.S. Rt. 1

The building chosen to house R.J. Bentley's "Filling Station" was originally a 1920 gas station known as College Park Auto Place and sat on the main drag in College Park.

In 1956, a Hudson dealership stepped in and with College Park Auto Place, continued service on the East Coast's arterial highway Route 1.

In 1978, R.J. Bentley's Filling Station was founded as a welcoming "roadhouse" for College Park residents and returning alumni. The interior was decorated with antique automobile accessories and license plates from around the country.

The original 1928 gas station had gone through many changes, but R.J. Bentley's Restaurant continues to provide the local community with a casual and relaxing dining experience.

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